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Covering everything from link building, to site migrations, to content and blogging.

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eCommerce SEO 2024 Masterclass Podcast

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Remarkable Commerce

Remarkable Commerce’s Digital Retail Index

Remarkable Commerce is the UK’s most flexible, and configurable commerce platform – designed specifically for D2C retailers who want to grow their sales quickly.

They’re trusted by leading retailers like Moss, Ben Sherman, and Roman

Remarkable’s key differences are full freedom of your frontend design, and full control of which composable modules you wish to use.

They have just released this year’s Digital Retail Index – which is a performance audit of nearly 800 UK retailers – ranking them by key technical metrics.

Find out where you’re ranked or submit your own site for analysis here

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including Exclusive news about Shopify’s SEO plans – very cool SEO plans…

SEO Panellists:

  • Brandon Leibowitz
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  • Justin Seibert, DOM
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  • Luke Carthy
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SEO Questions / Topics discussed:

  • What factors should a business owner take into account when deciding how much to invest in SEO vs. Google Ads?
  • Yoast is now available on Shopify – any thoughts?
  • if you could suggest a free SEO course or video tutorials please?
  • Exclusive update from Shopify about new SEO tools
  • What are the factors that will change e-commerce the most dramatically in the near to medium term?
  • There are a lot of people out there who claim they can help businesses improve their SEO, what questions should we ask to pre-qualify these experts and are there any red flags that people should look out for?