Online Advertising Expert Podcast Episodes

Online Advertising Expert Podcast Episodes

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  • 7:42 What’s going to happen to CPMs and costs as we get closer to Christmas?
  • 9:04 Now is the time to up budgets, don’t wait until Black Friday.
  • 11:03 Are costs as erratic on Google as we’ve been seeing on Facebook this year?
  • 13:21 What is your most important piece of advice for an eCommerce business to do in preparation for Black Friday?
  • 22:28 Will eCommerce becoming overcrowded, how can one differentiate better?
  • 31:45 How can you create great Black Friday offers and engagement without giving away a stock with massive discounts?
  • 42:14 Cookie death… the impact and what to do.
  • 47:53 Is there anything else to be on our testing radar for 2021 or should we continue spending our budgets almost exclusively with Facebook and Google?


Sarah Geoffrion – Head of Delivery, Nest Performance

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Kevin Urrutia – Founder, Voy Media

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Mark Hammersley – co-host of the Hammersley Brothers Ecommerce Podcast

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