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Welcome to a new month, and I’ll be honest – it feels a little weird.

I’ve now been in eCommerce marketing for 20 years, and from day 1 a HUGE part of that strategy was online ads – initially just google, then adding Facebook ads and testing others.

This podcast has been going since 2020 and every year we’ve done a whole month on Facebook Ads and a whole month on Google Ads.

But not this year – so it feels a little weird.

But it’s the right thing to be doing – whilst the ad platforms are still super important to get right – they’re not the be-all end-all any more – you’ve got to take a wider view of your marketing, and get far more things right.

So whilst it feels weird – I know that just doing the one month on Ads is totally the right thing for us to be doing for you this year.

This month we’re all about ONLINE ADVERTISING – and I’ve worked extra hard to get the best possible guests for you so you can get up to speed fast.

We’ll be doing “all you need to know about Google Ads” later in the month – but we’re kicking off with All you Need to Know about Facebook Ads

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