Organic Social Media Expert Podcast Episodes

Organic Social Media Expert Podcast Episodes

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Organic Social Media Q&A Webinar 2020

With Dan Gingiss and Matt Edmondson

Questions and topics covered:

  • 8:47 – what percentage on Social Media effort and spend should be your own content and what percentage on getting other people to talk about you on social media?
  • 15:47 – What would be the best way to start your own social media
  • 23:10 – Is there any point in any ecommerce business working on LinkedIn?
  • 28:07 – Is there are right time to send our social media posts?
  • 31:51 – Are there different approaches when targeting a different country/continent?
  • 41:30 – What scheduling tools do you actually use?
  • 45:28 – How is it possible that Americans and British pronounced S-C-H-E-D-U-L-E so differently but got it completely right? (we digress!)
  • 47:22 – For those already up and running with social media, what’s the one thing that we should be testing in the next few months?

Key social media resources mentioned:

Social media scheduling tools