Marketing Attribution Expert Podcast Episodes

We’re not exploring a marketing method this month – instead, we’re exploring the concept of marketing attribution.

Something it’s very easy to get obsessed/confused/annoyed with, spend a lot of time and money on, and never get anywhere with.

So throughout February, I’ll be chatting with 4 different experts each with their own approach to attribution.

Our aim… to help you work out if it’s something you should be working on, and if so how to do it usefully.

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Marketing Attribution Expert Podcast Episodes

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Listen to our Marketing Attribution Experts on the Podcast:

  • Attribution: Is GA4 all you need? with Jill Quick (episode 138)

    Jill Quick is an analytics consultant and trainer at The Coloring In Department. Originally a client-side marketer, she’s been helping brands of all sizes to get to grips with their measurement strategy since 2011. We’re all starting to get to grips with GA4 – but is it all we need? Listen now for free: Creating […]

  • Attribution: Customer Journey Based Attribution with Jo Young (episode 137)

    Today we are joined by Marketing Attribution Expert Jo Young. Jo is the Managing Director at UniFida, a team of data-driven marketing experts with a focus on attribution, especially matching up offline and online marketing. Jo’s been at the forefront of marketing data analysis since 1995! Listen now for free: Getting Into Marketing Attribution Jo […]

  • Q4 Updates: The Only Google Analytics 4 Advice you need with Dan Coleman (episode 111)

    Dan Coleman is a Google Analytics specialist and Ecommerce Wizard He’s accredited by both the Chartered Institute of Marketing AND the Institute of the Data & Marketing Association! And via his consultancy Coleman Marketing he’s worked with many household names and startups over the last 20 years including Phase 8, Virgin, Hotel Chocolat, and Cath […]

  • Marketing Foundations: Analytics. Getting the data you need to Keep Optimising with Luke Carthy (episode 030)

    Luke started his eCommerce career client side, then after being invited to speak at MozCon 2019 (oh yes!) he decided to go it alone. He now spends his days helping his clients deliver sustainable eCommerce growth with SEO and CRO. In order to do that he’s often getting into the details of analytics setups to […]

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