Affiliate Marketing Expert Podcast Episodes

Affiliate Marketing Expert Podcast Episodes

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Listen to our Affiliate Marketing Experts on the Podcast:

Affiliate Marketing Expert Q&A Webinar:


  • Rick Magennis, BearCatMedia
  • Chris Tradgett, Publisher Discovery
  • Arlen Robinson, OSI Affiliate Software

Questions / Topics we cover:

  • 12:07 – What are the steps or processes that you will take to develop an affiliate marketing strategy for a really focused product?
  • 19:58 – How many affiliates would you be looking to recruit to properly sense check whether affiliate marketing was a good option for a business or not?
  • 25:30 – What sort of conversion rates should one expect from Affiliates/Influencers?
  • 34:44 – How do you calculate or evaluate affiliate performance indices in order to estimate profits over time VS the percentage of revenue being invested? (Rephrased)
  • 37:46 – When is the right time to start preparing for a solid affiliate performance in the Q4 season and what exactly should affiliates be doing to record success?
  • 42:54 – When do you let Affiliates know what Black Friday and other promotions are going to look like and how much prior notice is necessary to give?
  • 49:33 – Is it also a good practice in Affiliate Marketing to create ads earlier in the months of August to October for an early customer conversion rate and less ad spend in view of Black Friday? Is this applicable in the world of Affiliate Marketing? (Rephrased)
  • 51:17 – What are the key criteria for picking the right affiliate software; be it your own software or a software platform?

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