Affiliate Marketing Expert Podcast Episodes

WOW is affiliates an exciting space at the moment.

Dare we say it… the top dog of Performance Marketing in 2024? 🚀🐶

Why do I think this is going to be the case?

🎉 Whilst affiliates is affected by the whole tracking/cookies/attribution nightmare as much as any performance channel – the AUDIENCE selection is unaffected – so the targeting power remains strong.

🎉 It’s ROAS controlled – you’re setting how much you’re going to pay based on results. NOT trying to manipulate an algorithm to perform for you.

🎉 The platform has REALLY grown up.

🎉 The print media industry are now heavily into Affiliate commissions – so high value, big impact content coverage is VERY achievable.

BUT – it’s about relationships so PLEASE don’t think you can put it live, tweak some settings each week and see it thrive… instead listen to the advice of our experts!

New episodes going live throughout January 2024 and lots of earlier episodes that are well worth a listen too.

Affiliate Marketing Expert Podcast Episodes

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