Partnership Marketing Expert Podcast Episodes

This is one of Chloe’s top tips for your 2022 marketing plans.

Partnership Marketing is awesome because it enables you to transfer the trust your target audience already has in your partner – to your business!

Speeding up conversion rate, increasing AOVs, and bringing on high-quality customers who will stick around and refer others.

Partnership marketing comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, and through our mini-masterclass, we’re going to be exploring the key types of partners that work in eCommerce marketing, and how to make them work for you.

Partnership Marketing Expert Podcast Episodes

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Listen to our Partnership Marketing Experts on the Podcast:

  • Offline: Your Product Sample Strategy with Natalie Betts (episode 153)

    Natalie Betts is the co-managing director at product sampling and brand partnerships agency Relish. Specialising in the beauty and FMCG industries AND guiding the business since its inception, Natalie is a master at getting your product into the hands of your future buyers testing, optimising, and personalising the sampling experience. Listen now for free: Benefits…

  • Content Marketing: Using Podcast Guesting to grow brand awareness and connection (episode 130)

    Noémi Beres AND Gabor Kazai are the founders and owners at Podcast Connections, a podcast booking agency who specialises in helping their clients get on the right podcasts to grow their brand awareness, generate engagement and (of course) acquire more customers. Listen now for free: About Noémi and Gabor Prior to having a podcast booking…

  • Content Marketing: How to drive interaction and accelerate trust with Omar Zenhom (episode 128)

    Omar Zenhom has helped over 120,000 listeners to start, grow and scale their businesses with his “The $100 MBA Show” podcast. One of his first businesses was an eCommerce brand, AND he’s the co-founder and CEO of the successful webinar platform Webinar Ninja. Listen now for free: About Omar: Shifting from Teaching to Content Marketing…

  • Sales Driving Partnerships… with Influencer Marketing (episode 109)

    Magda Houalla is the Director of Marketing Strategy at Aspire, the influencer marketing platform for high-growth eCommerce brands that are used by over 700 brands to manage their influencer marketing. Magda has been deep in the world of creating influencer marketing partnerships that drive sales since 2015 – so it’s really awesome to have someone…

  • Sales Driving Partnerships… with Affiliate Marketing (episode 108)

    Josh is the CEO of Chronos Agency and host of the eCommerce Profits Podcast. He’s all about scaling DTC brands with lifecycle marketing – across the email, SMS, and push marketing channels. Using lifecycle marketing Josh and his team drive an average revenue lift for their clients of 23%, and are generating 8-figures in monthly…

  • Sales Driving Partnerships… with your Customers (episode 107)

    Jason is the Director of Partnerships at LoyaltyLion – one of the leading customer loyalty and engagement platforms. So who better to discuss how you can partner with your own customers to increase sales?

  • Partnerships… with other eCommerce stores (episode 106)

    Simon’s run his own eCommerce store, spent 30 years running an office supply business, and now mainly spends his time coaching other business owners… But he’s also the founder of My Flyer Inserts – built to help eCommerce businesses swap parcel inserts with each.

PLUS check our episodes on LoyaltyAffiliate, and Influencer marketing for more Partnership Marketing Tips.

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