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Topics discussed:

  • How to use email to beat the squeeze on consumer spending and increased competition
  • Why building trust and connection with your customers is super important – and how to do it!
  • Lots of tips around quizzes, data capture, welcome campaigns, and post-purchases emails
  • Where to start with your personalisation
  • Why it’s so critical to focus in the right places

Watch our 2021 Email marketing Webinar:


Topics discussed:

  • 7:58 – What’s the latest with the KLAVIYO update and what is the implication of the new changes?
  • 10:08 – Is the general benchmark feature update really necessary?
  • 16:18 – Is it advisable to be using one email address for business transactions and an entirely different one for marketing? (from names, and from email addresses)
  • 23:37 – What is the top thing or key things you should be testing in an average eCommerce email marketing account right now?
  • 31:04 – What would your advice be for anyone on Bronto right now? (the platform is being turned off in May 2022)
  • 38:04 – How often should we email? Because so many brands get clingy in emailing way too much so what is the rule of thumb on the frequency?
  • 44:46 – What’s the best way to measure the value of an email address?
  • 52:13 – Why should we use Facebook ads to get subscribers on our email list?

Watch our 2020 email marketing webinar:

Email Marketing: What should be on your to-do list right now?


  • Chad S White, author of bestseller “Email Marketing Rules”
  • Gavin Laugenie, dotdigital
  • Joe McCarthy, Klaviyo (unfortunately Louise Read can’t make it, but Joe is an excellent stand in!)
  • Kate Barrett, author of bestseller “E-telligence: Email marketing isn’t dead, the way you’re using it is”
  • Kurt Elster, Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Topics covered:

  • 6:57 – How can we best prepare ourselves for what may come in the next couple of months around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas etc.?
  • 14:19 – How do you deal with contest hunters who join your list when you do give aways?
  • 17:15 – On managing inactive’s, would you go harsher with a contest generated list when you are managing the inactive’s than you would with a general list?
  • 21:58 – What’s green Monday?
  • 30:22 – Who’s got some advice for those who are struggling right now to get their sales coming in?
  • 46:19 – What should be maybe the first thing we integrate with our email marketing?
  • 53:51 – Email tips for the rest of this year.

Resources – all totally free:

Joe’s predictions blog

Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly

Kate’s Loyalty Blog Post

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