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We’re kicking off 2023 with everything you need to know about how Google Ads is changing, and how you can make the most of those changes.

You’ve heard loads about the changes on Facebook Ads – but just as much has changed on Google Ads, and this is your easiest way to get up to speed.

We’ve covered all the key topics Audiences, Keywords, Ad types, Bidding Strategies and of course, Google Shopping Campaigns – for these latest updates listen to episodes 132 to 136.

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Questions covered:

08.27 What I question should we be asking a prospective Google Ads agency?

14.35 Performance Max – how do we get the most out of it?

18.40 Scipts?!?

20.07 My Performance Max campaigns are performing worse than Standard Shopping – what should I do?

23.54 How can I help my Agency create a great strategy for me?

28.00 Why are Google doing this? And what are the benefits?

35.00 What one thing should we be doing our Google Ads activity to improve ROI or Volume right now?

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Questions covered:

  • With the impending recession – what one thing would you do in a retailers Google Ads account?
  • GA4 – what do we need to know / do?
  • What’s your favourite Google Ads automation?
  • Your Top Tip for Google Ads Q4 success preparation

Watch the replay of our Google Ads Expert Q&A Webinar:


  • Becky Hopkin, Digital Gearbox
  • Henry Gill, eComOne
  • Justin Seibert, DOM

Useful Links:

Questions covered:

  • 5:53 – Do brand ads erode organic search, are we paying for something we could already access anyway?
  • 9:22 – How do we stop brand terms from ending up in our other activity?
  • 10:51 – Is there an argument for using RLSA to take a different brand ad approach in front of different audiences?
  • 15:29 – Any tips for expanding campaigns across to non-English regions. How do we approach incoming sales from other countries with Google Ads?
  • 22:00 – How do you get started with Google Ads?
  • 27:27 – For a beginner, which of the bids is best to start with?
  • 33:14 – Any tips to optimize Google Shopping Campaigns to reduce conversion costs?
  • 45:30 – What are the absolute “No Brainers” you’ve got to get into a custom label?
  • 49:04 – Are there any successful strategies with CSS usage in running accounts?