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Questions covered:

  • With the impending recession – what one thing would you do in a retailers Google Ads account?
  • GA4 – what do we need to know / do?
  • What’s your favourite Google Ads automation?
  • Your Top Tip for Google Ads Q4 success preparation

Watch the replay of our Google Ads Expert Q&A Webinar:


  • Becky Hopkin, Digital Gearbox
  • Henry Gill, eComOne
  • Justin Seibert, DOM

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Questions covered:

  • 5:53 – Do brand ads erode organic search, are we paying for something we could already access anyway?
  • 9:22 – How do we stop brand terms from ending up in our other activity?
  • 10:51 – Is there an argument for using RLSA to take a different brand ad approach in front of different audiences?
  • 15:29 – Any tips for expanding campaigns across to non-English regions. How do we approach incoming sales from other countries with Google Ads?
  • 22:00 – How do you get started with Google Ads?
  • 27:27 – For a beginner, which of the bids is best to start with?
  • 33:14 – Any tips to optimize Google Shopping Campaigns to reduce conversion costs?
  • 45:30 – What are the absolute “No Brainers” you’ve got to get into a custom label?
  • 49:04 – Are there any successful strategies with CSS usage in running accounts?