You Asked, Chloe’s answering – it’s our epic 100th Episode (episode 100)

by April Buencamino-dy

For our 100th episode our host, Chloe Thomas, will be answering YOUR questions.

She’s picked the 9 biggest questions we’ve been sent in to give you the answers you need to succeed this year. If there’s a question you’ve been meaning to ask… we bet it’s covered in this epic episode.

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Question 1 “Is performance marketing cost inflation here to stay, for example, Facebook and Google Ads?” (4:53)

from Michael Ballard, Lullu Dolls

Chloë’s short answer is ‘Yes’, and she explains in detail why this is so.

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Question 2 “What factors should a business owner take into account when deciding how much to invest in SEO vs. Google Ads?” (7:33)

from Roger Knight, AttractMore

These are two very different strategies, and Chloë enumerates several factors when considering doing either of the two, and the budget to be allocated for doing SEO and utilizing Google Ads. 

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Question 3 “Any top tips for making video ads?” (13:29)

from Rob Harrison-Plastow, Moon Phase Studio & Time Agency

Chloë gives us a rundown of the key things you need to know when creating video ads, such as getting the messaging right and recommended video lengths.

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Question 4 “How to build a funnel for a niche product sold on an eCommerce store? Do you have a blueprint that describes what actions a business should take in every step of the customer journey?”(18:17)

from Tor Erik Somby, Tundra Drone

While there is no perfect blueprint for this, there are strategies you can test to improve your brand’s performance. For Tor’s product, which has a high-price point, Chloë shares some ideas on what to do.

Question 5 “I’d love to know more about promoting our website in the EU and the USA. I can see there are visitors from those countries and would like to convert them into sales without spending loads of money using Facebook Ads, etc.” (24:46)

from Rebecca, Cream Cornwall

You have to make sure you’re ready to expand the business and go international, and when you know you are, Chloë has several tips on what you can do to prepare for this growth. 

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Question 6 “Do you have a list of recommended agencies?” (29:51)

from Byron, Glimmer Wish

Chloë explains why she doesn’t have a list of recommended agencies, but breaks down why you should find one that suits your business.

Question 7 “What are the top four things eCommerce brands should adjust in their marketing strategies to survive and remain throughout the current economic issues we’re facing?” (32:02)

from Aubrey Harper, Klaviyo and Tomas Havlik, Meta

Chloë talked about this recently, and her four main areas are: messaging, paid marketing channels, the basics, and marketing methods you can invest in.

Question 8 “Crystal ball time – What are your predictions for eCommerce performance in Q4 this year when compared with the last 2 years?” (38:25)

from Becky Hopkin, Digital Gearbox

Q4 is still a long way off and a lot can still happen, but Chloë enumerates several items to note and prepare for.

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Question 9 “how can brands become really sustainable?” (43:15)

from Nischay Aren

There are several ways to begin your sustainability journey.

Being transparent about what you’ve already done and your progress, removing plastic from your packaging, and considering what happens to your products post-purchase are only three courses of action Chloë discusses in this section.

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