Marketplaces Expert Podcast Episodes

Are marketplaces a marketing method or not?

Probably not a true marketing method – BUT can be a great way to increase awareness of your products, and find new customers (whether or not you ‘own’ them). So we think they’re worth a month on the show.

Marketplaces Expert Podcast Episodes

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Questions / Topics:

  • 7.07 First impressions of the new amazon brand tools announced at Amazon Accelerator Conference
  • 12.15 Increasing Seller Central Fees – what should you do?
  • 15.00 Sustainable marketplaces – where to list?
  • 23.00 How to get started with marketplaces? (inc tips for your first listings on Amazon) – useful guide
  • 33.00 Etsy Ads – should you?
  • 34.00 Amazon Posts – what are they? Can you in the UK? What to do in the USA?
  • 37.00 Build you own marketplace, or use someone else’s?
  • 43.00 What percentage of your sales should come from marketplaces?

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  • Chris Dawson, Tamebay >> Visit Tamebay Live for 35 hours of FREE marketplace educational content >>
  • Thomas J Vosper, aisle 3 >> Catch Thomas’s TEDx talk about founding a startup here
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What we discussed:

  • 8:17 – Is there any reason why someone shouldn’t sell on Marketplaces if they have got their own products and their own Shopify store?
  • 14:34 – Is there any reason why someone with their own market brand might want to sell on Marketplaces?
  • 24:34 – For a commodity product like iPhone accessories or product solutions like 3D printing, does it make more sense to jump into the very busy waters of the Marketplaces, or does it make more sense to go alone?
  • 38:35 – If a seller has done the hard work of listing but has not launched at a maximum level, what would be your advice on how to have that listing turned around for improved growth and performance?
  • 48:45 – Is Marketplaces a good way to test an overseas market population to ascertain the presence of a target audience for your products?