SEO: Unlocking YouTube Strategies for Long-Term Channel Growth with Louise Knight, Navigate Video (episode 199)

by April Buencamino-dy

Louise Knight is one of the team at Navigate Video, an award-winning YouTube Agency who are focused on helping brands grow on YouTube, including (of course!) YouTube SEO. 

Louise Knight Navigate Video SEO

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Dive in: 

[05:03] Optimise YouTube videos for higher ranking and visibility. 
[07:28] Maximise video discoverability through algorithm and tactics. 
[12:04] Understand audience, prioritize content, improve gradually. 
[13:35] Channel representation crucial for brand visibility and experience. 
[16:57] Test, change, adapt, and trust in marketing. 
[20:21] Improve old video content by editing it. 
[22:30] Adding clickable descriptions helps index video content. 
[26:43] Insider Tips from Louise! 

SEO Requires Time and a Strategic Plan 

Effective SEO is not about quick fixes or shortcuts, especially on YouTube. Louise says there’s a misconception spurred by spam emails promising instant success in terms of views or subscribers. YouTube SEO is a long-term commitment that involves careful planning, consistent effort, and patience. SEO success comes from first understanding your audience, then creating content that meets their needs, and gradually building your channel’s authority and relevance. 

Optimisation Goes Beyond Just the Videos 

While optimising video content is crucial, looking at YouTube SEO holistically is important. This includes optimising the channel itself. Ensure the channel’s visual elements (like the banner and thumbnails) accurately represent the brand and organise content into strategic playlists. Playlists can help improve the viewer’s experience by making content more discoverable and engaging. This approach underscores the fact that every element of the channel, from individual videos to the overall channel layout, plays a role in SEO. 

Engagement and Quality are Key to Algorithm Favorability 

YouTube’s algorithm prioritizes relevance, watch time, engagement, and quality. To succeed, creators must focus on producing high-quality content that engages viewers. This involves not just the content of the videos but also optimising titles, descriptions, and tags. This also covers using YouTube features like end cards and info cards effectively. Also, use closed captions and appealing thumbnails to increase accessibility and stop viewers from scrolling past your videos. 

Leverage New Features and Community Engagement 

It’s important to stay updated with YouTube’s features. YouTube Shorts and the community tab can enhance content visibility and engage with the audience. Louise points out the significant daily views Shorts receives and suggests repurposing content across platforms to reach new audiences. Similarly, the community tab offers a unique opportunity to interact with viewers, share updates, and keep the audience engaged with older content, thereby enhancing the channel’s social aspect. 

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