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There are lots of reasons to expand your business beyond purely selling via your own website to consumers.

To grow sales, to increase profits, to better serve customers, to lower your risk, to tap into a new opportunity for success.

BUT choosing the right channel to expand in is hard, as is getting it right when you’ve made your decision.

Our new series explores multiple channels you might choose to expand into, and how to make the most of them

Omnichannel 2024

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Shopify recently turned the tables on me, and took me from interviewer to interviewee.

Knowing, as they do, that the most successful retailers today are those that bridge the gap between online and offline and make it a seamless experience, Shopify wanted my thoughts on how to achieve truly connected commerce, particularly in the key areas of local selling, omnichannel selling and cross border selling.

You can read my thoughts, along with other commerce experts from Germany, France, Spain and Italy by downloading the report.