Be a Guest on the Keep Optimising Podcast

If you want to showcase your business and expertise to marketing decision-makers at eCommerce businesses (and DTC, and retail) on one of the top podcasts in the world – then you’re in the right place.

Our show format is to focus on a different marketing method (Facebook Ads, Email, Content) or topic (Getting ready for Q4, Marketing foundations) each month – so it might be a few months before your topic is one we’re looking for.

Trying to keep track of our future guests manually was a nightmare – so we’re now sending everyone to this page so we’ve got all the right details in the right place!

Below are the details you need to help you work out if you (or the person you’re pitching) are a good fit for the Keep Optimising Podcast. AND to help you give us the information we need to be able to get back to you with a “hell, yeah we want you on the show!”.


  1. Read what makes an awesome guest
  2. If it’s you – click the link to the application form,
  3. Tell us what we need to hear to turn you into a guest

I hope I get to interview you soon


What makes an awesome Keep Optimising Podcast Guest?

Someone with an awesome track record in doing their marketing tactic for eCommerce brands.

Someone who is all about the content-first or help-first approach.

Someone who is up for zeroing in on a specific element of the marketing method we’re discussing (if you want to see what we mean – just go to “Topics” above and select your marketing method to see what previous episodes have focused on).

Someone who enjoys what they do, and talking about it!

Someone who understands that this is an audio podcast, so being in a quiet place, with a great microphone is essential (don’t worry we’ll provide tips on making this happen).

Bonus criteria:

Whilst the number one criteria is the topic you’ve pitched… but these will make you stand out when we’re going through the list and deciding on who to invite onto the show

  • Being up for being a part of our Expert panel Q&A Webinar that rounds up most months
  • Those who are respected in their industry as an expert in what we’re going to be talking about
  • Willingness to promote your involvement across social media and email etc
  • Those whose business is on the path to being carbon net zero, or who focus on serving retailers who are doing something good in the sustainability stakes. (this one is increasingly important to us!)

Our Audience:

The Keep Optimising Core Audience are:

  • Marketers and senior team members working at eCommerce businesses that have their own website (and possibly physical store, marketplace, or catalogue as well) selling physical products to consumers and / or businesses
  • With sales from 50k to 50m a year
  • This includes subscription and DTC

The Keep Optimising audience also includes:

  • eCommerce business owners
  • Marketers who aren’t in eCommerce, marketplace sellers, wannabes, SaaS companies, website agencies, marketing agencies, consultants

What happens after you apply?

Your pitch will sit on our spreadsheet until we start the hunt for guests for the marketing method(s) you have pitched yourself for (yes, you can put in multiple applications for multiple marketing methods).

When we start the hunt for the perfect guests we combine the list of topics we think we should be covered with those that have been pitched via the application form.

We then reach out to relevant experts to see if they are available to come on to talk about the specific topic we’re interested in.

So it might be several months before we’re in a position to invite you onto the show.

Whilst you’re waiting:

  • Please don’t chase – it won’t increase your chances of getting on the show
  • If there’s a different topic you want to cover – please apply again!

Final tips for a successful application…

Please fill in as much details as you can – the more you say the better chance you have of getting on the show.

Pick ONE marketing method per application

Focus your pitch on clear niche tactics that are driving results for eCommerce brands

Right, what are you waiting for?! Apply here:

Fill in our Application Form