Customer Experience Expert Podcast Episodes

Why are we covering CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE on a marketing podcast?

Whilst it’s not technically a marketing method, CX is something that it is now critical to get right if you want to build future success into your business.

This is one of those areas we’ve talked about under various buzzwords for the last 5 or so years, and now, as we head into 2023 it’s becoming a critical factor if you want your business to stand out from the competition.

We’ve spent 5 episodes exploring CX from many different angles.

Customer Experience Expert Podcast Episodes

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Listen to our Customer Experience Experts on the Podcast:

  • Customer Experience upping your Customer Service game with Ty Givens (episode 127)

    Ty Givens is a CX expert and advisor to companies that want to improve and scale customer experience. With the team she’s built at CX Collective they tackle everything from workforce management and training, to process improvement and CRM implementation. As she describes it – they’re rebuilding the plane whilst in flight! AND achieving ROI […]

  • Customer Experience on your Product Pages with Adam Pearce (episode 126)

    Adam Pearce is the host of the Shopify Across the Pond Podcast, co-founder of the eCom Collab Club, AND Co-founder at Shopify Agency Blend Commerce – who describes themselves as the Customer Experience Agency – a perfect fit for this episode! Listen now for free: About Adam Adam had a number of different careers before […]

  • Customer Experience on your website by improving your copy (episode 125)

    Alice Brown is the chief fish tickler at Alice Writes Copy – yes she’s a copywriter specialising in balancing the rational with the emotional to fix the holes in your customer journey. AND a nominee for this year’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the Women’s Awards. Listen now for free: Doing the Research for Your […]

  • Customer Experience in Delivery with The Postal Hub Podcast’s Ian Kerr (episode 124)

    Ian Kerr is the founder and host of the Postal Hub Podcast and is somewhat obsessed with delivery. Listen now for free: Ending Up in the Delivery World Ian’s mother owned a post office, and as soon as he was old enough, he was already working there. He has also worked for a post office […]

  • Customer Experience in your Email Marketing Automations with Greg Zakowicz from Omnisend (episode 123)

    Greg Zakowicz is the eCommerce Expert at email and SMS marketing platform Omnisend. AND host of the Cart Insiders Podcast. Listen now for free: The Importance of Customer Intent When creating your automated messages, make sure you’re crafting those messages based on the intention of your customer. This way, you’re going to provide them with […]