How to Listen

The Keep Optimising Podcast is audio only, and completely free to listen to.

You can listen where-ever you are, whatever you’re doing via any Podcast App.

Here’s the apps our listeners listen most often on:

apple podcasts
Google Podcasts

You’ll also find us on Podcast Addict, iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, CastBox, Pocket Casts – just search for ‘Keep Optimising’.

To listen via an App:

  • Download your app of choice to your phone
  • Open the App
  • Search for “Keep Optimising”
  • Click “Subscribe”
  • Scroll through the episodes and pick one that you like the sound of, and just hit “Play”

To listen via our Website:

You can also listen by hitting the play button on the podcast player we’ve embedded in the web page about each episode (we call that page the ‘showntoes’).

You’ll find a full list of episodes here

Players that look just like this one – hit play to listen to the latest episode right now: