Pre Holiday Season Expert Podcast Episodes

We spent August catching up and getting ready for the Holiday Season!

A lot’s gone down this year that changes the game a little. There’s also been a lot of noise about stuff most of our listeners don’t actually need to care about (hello metaverse!).

So this month we’re focusing on THE FIVE topics (yup, long month) you need to care about, and giving you the common sense guide to each.

So if you listen to all 5 episodes – BANG that’s you up to speed.

Pre Holiday Season Expert Podcast Episodes

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  • c13.39 With the global power of e-commerce, competition is higher than ever before. If we were to determine 3 key differentiation points for digital campaigns to stay one step ahead of this competition, what would they be? Dogancan Serbes, Head of Growth at crwizard
  • c23.44 Top Campaign to run for Black Friday? + Green Friday tips
  • c42.00 Your most underrated eCommerce tool or marketing method?


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