Facebook Ads Expert Podcast Episodes

Facebook Ads Expert Podcast Episodes

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Resources mentioned:

Topics discussed:

  • c10min – Attribution
  • c21min – Audiences and Targetting
  • c35min – Creative

View our Facebook Ads Q&A Webinar:


Attribution Resources mentioned:

What we covered:

  • 7:39 – If we’re looking for a big bang improvement in our Facebook ad performance. Would you begin by tweaking creative, by tweaking Segmentation, or by tweaking text?
  • 11:40 – Should we be testing the offer in our email campaign or in a physical retail store before we use ad spend?
  • 14:41 – What’s a new Facebook technique or tool that is super powerful but people don’t know about or aren’t using yet.
  • 20:29 – Should or should I not be having second thoughts about Facebook ads manager and its effectiveness?
  • 21:53 – To do dark postings, do I have to get access to the influencer’s business ads manager?
  • 24:49 – What are you doing about the iOS 14 privacy updates and the impending effect on Facebook ads.
  • 36:42 – How well is Facebook working in terms of prospecting? That is getting ourselves in front of people we don’t know yet who are pre-primed to buy.
  • 41:53 – Is Instagram more of a shopping mall than Facebook?
  • 43:53 – What do you think about consumers using both platforms that is Instagram and Facebook for their shopping habits in different ways?
  • 48:24 – On Facebook likes. Should we be running campaigns to get likes on our pages? Should we care about the audiences and set of people who liked our page?

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