TikTok Marketing on the Keep Optimising Podcast

We’re finally doing a whole month on TikTok.

Yes, I think it’s time for us to go deep into the newest of social media platforms, the one that’s been changing how we consume content and which has Meta’s knickers in a twist.

Why now?

Well, I think marketing on TikTok has reached a level of maturity that it’s worth you considering for your business.

And by maturity I mean there are tried and tested strategies that are working for brands right now, and that the ecosystem to help you deploy those strategies exists too.

Essentially – whilst still new and exciting, there’s a road map for getting stuck in.

Warning time – for many TikTok is still going to be a bright shiny object, so my aim this series is to… give you the insight you need to:

  • Decide if it’s for you this year or not

And if it is…

  • Help you to reach a point of success faster because we’ve given you the insight you need to save you from having to learn it the hard way

Here are our TikTok episodes:

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