SEO: Driving eCommerce Success Through Technical Foundations with Brad Houldsworth and Matt Henton (episode 200)

by Chloe Thomas

Brad Houldsworth is sales and strategy director at Remarkable Commerce – home of the UK’s most customisable eCommerce platform.

And Matt Henton is one of Brad’s happy clients – Head of eCommerce at fashion retailer Moss.

SEO: Driving eCommerce Success Through Technical Foundations with Brad Houldsworth and Matt Henton

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Dive in:

[07:41] Prioritizing technical foundation for SEO success.

[10:55] Focusing on technical SEO for big improvements.

[14:17] Platform upgrade to address site performance challenges.

[16:16] Retailers face challenges with complex system layers.

[20:51] Focus on interaction and responsiveness within product pages.

[24:39] Insider Tips from Matt and Brad!

The Fundamental Role of Technical SEO in eCommerce Success

Technical SEO is an important foundation for eCommerce success. And technical SEO isn’t just about improving visibility in search engines. It serves as the bedrock upon which other marketing and content strategies can be built. A technically optimised site enables businesses to then focus on enhancing content, user experience, and broader optimization strategies across various channels. This foundational approach ensures that when businesses start pushing out content or focus on brand differentiation, they are not held back by underlying technical deficiencies.

A Case Study: Moss’s Big Project

Matt talks about a big update at Moss that shows why brands need to keep getting better. The update made the website faster and more stable without changing how it looks to shoppers. It dealt with hidden issues that had built up, making the website work better and helping Moss’s team do their jobs more efficiently. This example shows it’s important to make sure online stores are built well from the start, so they can grow, keep up with new SEO trends, and meet shoppers’ changing needs. Always improving and being ready to take on big updates is key to staying ahead in the online world.

Choosing the Right Metrics

Selecting appropriate metrics to gauge the impact of development efforts is important. For their project, part of the big focus were loading speed and responsiveness of a page. They also worked on making the behind-the-scenes processes faster and more reliable. This helps in quickly updating the website with new products or changes, ensuring the website can grow and handle more visitors in the future without problems.

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