SEO: Link Building Tips for SEO Success with Rosa Mitchell, connective3 (episode 201)

by April Buencamino-dy

Rosa Mitchell is one of the team at connective3 a multi-award winning digital marketing agency that creates market leaders. Working globally with brands such as AVON, Wren Kitchens, and Thortful, Rosa’s specialism is in Digital PR and SEO–with the hard-to-find combination of analytical brain and creative flair! 

Rosa Mitchell connective3 SEO

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[03:16] Transition from journalism to digital PR business director. 
[09:34] Creating effective digital PR campaigns without buying links. Using link reclamation for brand mentions. 
[12:58] Create specific, reactive PR for targeted campaigns. 
[15:24] Understand audience, build relationships, and leverage email outreach. 
[19:14] Rapidly repurpose existing content to generate links. 
[22:54] Ways to improve digital PR and trends. 
[24:24] Seek fresh, trend-focused, and evolved ideas. Embrace collaboration and take calculated risks. 
[27:11] Insider Tips from Rosa! 

The Evolution from Quantity to Quality in Link Building 

In the past, getting lots of links to your website was all that mattered, even if they weren’t relevant or high-quality. Rosa points out that there’s been a big change towards caring more about the quality of the links. Now, links must help increase website traffic, visibility, and sales. This change is because we understand better how search engines like Google judge the value of links. Today, the key to doing well in search engine rankings is by getting links from well-respected sources with strong. Businesses need to think more carefully about how they get links. They should aim for ones that not only boost their search engine performance but also make their brand look good online. 

The Integral Role of Creativity in Digital PR Campaigns 

Rosa highlights being creative can make a brand stand out in digital PR. She advises against buying links because search engines might penalize this in the future. Instead, use creativity to create unique and engaging digital PR campaigns to draw in good-quality links. For Rosa, this method is safer than buying links and helps build a positive image for the brand while keeping the audience interested. 

Building Relationships with Media and Understanding the Media Landscape 

To do well in digital PR and get more links to your website, it’s important to know the media landscape. It’s also crucial to build good relationships with journalists and influencers. Rosa suggests sending personalized emails to journalists that match their interests. This makes it more likely they’ll use your content and link back to your website and helps you get along better with them over time. It also helps to know where your audience hangs out online and what they like to read or watch, so you can create PR campaigns that grab their attention. Plus, understanding what different media outlets look for can help you make content that they’re more likely to publish, helping you get those important links. 

Rosa’s Four Key Strategies 

Rosa shares four key strategies pivotal to successful digital PR and link-building today: 

  • Link Reclamation (Link Rec). This involves identifying mentions of your brand across the web and requesting those mentions to include a link back to your website. It’s a straightforward approach to secure relevant links from sites already familiar with your brand. This enhances your SEO with minimal effort. 
  • Big PR Projects. Large-scale PR campaigns focus on creating and disseminating content that resonates with the target audience and media outlets. They account for the majority of link-building efforts. The aim is to engage in thorough research, cultivate meaningful media relationships, and produce compelling stories that attract high-quality backlinks to the correct pages on a website. 
  • Reactive PR (Newsjacking). This reactive approach involves capitalizing on current news stories or trending topics by offering a fresh perspective, expert commentary, or related content that aligns with your brand. By piggybacking on the existing buzz, brands can garner attention and links from media covering the trending topic. 
  • Proactive PR. Unlike reactive PR, proactive PR leverages existing content on a brand’s website to create press releases or stories that tie in with ongoing events, seasonal trends, or relevant topics. This aims to quickly generate interest and links by promoting already available content in a new light or context that appeals to the media and audiences alike.

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