Content: Bringing Generative AI into your Blogging Process with Katrina McKinnon, (episode 181)

by April Buencamino-dy

Katrina McKinnon is the founder of, the content shop for eCommerce stores, where she and her team have produced over 8,000 blog articles and generated millions of views to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.

Katrina McKinnon CopySmiths Content

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[07:14] Blogging is more challenging, but still possible.
[13:40] AI used for idea generation, and not just writing.
[16:15] A team of experts to create articles efficiently.
[23:04] Insider tips on content marketing.
[30:30] Using AI to improve SEO content creation.

Creativity and Experimentation in Content Marketing

Content marketing success often involves a combination of things. For Katrina, it’s creativity, experimentation, and a willingness to try various approaches. Katrina says marketers should stay flexible and updated on algorithm changes. This means traditional SEO methods might not be as effective as before. Adapting to new trends, like visual content, is crucial for long-term success. Katrina has a strategy she calls “fun drunk auntie”. This uses highly creative, visually appealing content to stand out and catch Google’s attention.

The Use of AI in Content Creation and SEO

On the subject of AI, Katrina says her team doesn’t use it for actual content writing. Instead, they leverage AI for ideation. This covers generating outlines or extracting information from complex product specifications. Katrina cautions against taking shortcuts with content, particularly using AI to write it. She says prioritizing original, appealing content is important, especially for SEO.

Strategic Team Building and Talent Sourcing

Katrina shares insights into her team’s content creation process. Her team consists of experts handling different aspects of content creation. She also reveals that they hire from Kenya, tapping into the country’s pool of highly educated and affordable talent. Overall, their outsourcing approach and proper delegation of tasks make for an efficient and effective process.

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