Affiliates: Boosting eCommerce Success Through Strategic Affiliate Offers with Thomas McMahon, ClickBank (episode 189)

by April Buencamino-dy

Thomas McMahon is all about successful Affiliate Marketing – having spent eight years helping grow affiliate platform ClickBank – both on the publisher (affiliate) side and the merchant (advertiser) side. AND he’s also the co-host of ClickBank’s own “Affiliated” podcast.

Thomas McMahon ClickBank Affiliates Marketing

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[02:54] Thomas’ affiliate marketing journey.
[06:30] Getting your affiliate offer right.
[11:59] Focusing on targeted, high-converting affiliate marketing campaigns.
[14:49] Send affiliates to targeted landing pages designed to convert.
[17:37] Go evergreen on your offers.
[19:04] How speed of payment can affect your affiliate program.
[22:33] Affiliate success depends on business model, conversions.
[26:06] Listen to hear Thomas’ Insider Tips!

The Importance of a Targeted and Evergreen Affiliate Offer

Affiliates are more likely to promote offers that resonate with their audience. A focused, evergreen offer allows affiliates to easily identify whether it aligns with their marketing strategy. This approach not only attracts affiliates but also ensures consistent, scalable traffic. While seasonal offers can be effective, the goal is to have a core, year-round offer that forms the foundation of the affiliate program.

Payment Speed and Handling Refunds

Affiliates appreciate quick payments. It allows them to reinvest promptly into their marketing efforts. The practice of speedy payments translates to a successful and scalable affiliate program. Thomas adds that holding a dynamic reserve mitigates the risk associated with refunds. This way, affiliates receive most of their earnings upfront, fostering trust and motivation. Find a healthy balance between maintaining good cash flow for the business and providing affiliates with timely compensation.

Determining Competitive Affiliate Commissions

Commission rates should be seen as an investment in customer acquisition. While high commissions may seem counterintuitive, they can lead to positive ROI. This is when considering customer lifetime value. Affiliates are businesses themselves, and they choose offers based on profitability. To scale an affiliate program, brands should be willing to offer commissions that align with or surpass industry standards. This will keep both affiliates and the business profitable.

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