Affiliates: How Affiliate Marketing Can Elevate Premium Brand Performance with Red Barrington, Red Star Digital (episode 188)

by April Buencamino-dy

Red Barrington provides on-demand digital marketing expertise via her agency, Red Star. Obsessed with customer journey and customer acquisition, they’ve been working with a number of luxury and premium brands to deliver effective affiliate marketing programs.

Red Barrington Red Star Affiliates

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[04:19] Affiliate marketing is still very much about relationships.
[05:35] Affiliate marketing diversifies customer acquisition, cuts costs.
[09:17] Control affiliate program, manage who participates.
[12:02] Being in a network has its advantages.
[14:41] Affiliates need dedicated manager for success.
[16:18] Complementing the work of PR.
[18:23] Clever technical solutions improve affiliate conversion rates.
[20:49] Listen to Red’s Insider Tips!

The Evolution of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has evolved over the years. It has grown from primarily being associated with voucher codes to a more diversified marketing channel. It has become a more sophisticated space with a variety of affiliates. This includes top-of-funnel partners, influencers, and loyalty programs. The evolution has made affiliates more attractive to a broader range of brands, including luxury and premium brands.

Affiliate Marketing for Luxury and Premium Brands

Luxury and premium brands can successfully engage in affiliate marketing. They need to focus on relationships, added value, and brand image. It’s important for brands to treat affiliates as partners and own the relationship to maintain control over brand image. Red advises against relying solely on discounts and incentives. She suggests that premium brands offer added value, such as free delivery or personalized experiences. With careful management and strategic planning, luxury brands can effectively implement an affiliate marketing strategy.

Collaboration Between Affiliate Marketing and PR

Affiliate marketing and PR can go hand in hand to enhance brand visibility and reach a wider audience. Red highlights the complementary nature of affiliate marketing and PR efforts. While PR often focuses on traditional media coverage, affiliates can contribute to top-of-funnel awareness. Collaboration between affiliate managers and PR teams is crucial for leveraging the strengths of both channels. By working together, brands can achieve a more holistic and effective marketing strategy.

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