Affiliates: Simple Strategies to Make Affiliate Marketing Work for You with Rachel Said, Genie Goals (episode 186)

by April Buencamino-dy

Rachel Said is head of Affiliate and Partner Marketing at Genie Goals–the award-winning, results-driven digital marketing agency for ambitious eCommerce brands.

Rachel Said Genie Goals Affiliates Marketing

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[02:19] Rachel’s affiliate marketing journey.
[06:42] Affiliate activity needs clear targets and objectives.
[10:51] Laying the right foundation in the beginning sets the tone for affiliate programs.
[13:56] Affiliate sites are a business in their own right.
[16:36] Have the right expectations from upper-funnel activities.
[18:23] Choosing technology for affiliate partnership requires strategy.
[21:48] The importance of providing the business KPIs and goals to your affiliate channel.
[23:55] Hear Rachel’s Insider Tips!

Building Relationships in Affiliate Marketing

Rachel highlights the key lesson of building relationships in affiliate marketing. Unlike channels that rely on data, affiliates thrive on partnerships and communication. She stresses the value of personal connections, meetings, and events in the affiliate industry. Nurturing relationships with affiliates can spark collaborations and generate ideas, making it a unique aspect of this channel.

Strategic Integration of Affiliate Marketing

It’s important is to blend affiliate marketing into the wider digital strategy of an eCommerce business. You need to treat it as a central part of the marketing plan, not just an extra. It’s crucial to set specific targets, align goals with business objectives, and understand how affiliates fit into the conversion process. This key point shows the need for a complete approach to get the most out of affiliate marketing in a brand’s strategy.

The Right Technology for Affiliate Marketing

Choosing the right technology is crucial in affiliate marketing. It affects how well the program works. Brands must choose between traditional affiliate networks and SaaS platforms. The decision depends on the brand’s resources and expertise. The right tech makes processes smoother, helps pick partners, and improves optimization. It boosts a brand’s ability to navigate affiliate marketing effectively.

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