Email: Strategies for Building an Engaged Email List with Hannah Spicer, Hannah Spicer Consulting  (episode 196)

by April Buencamino-dy

Hannah Spicer has been helping luxury brands sell more online – especially with their email marketing since 2004. Including roles at Harvey Nichols, Stella McCartney, De Beers, and Kurt Geiger. Wow! She now runs her own consultancy “Hannah Spicer Consulting” specializing in email marketing for an equally impressive list of luxury and fashion brands. 

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Dive in: 

[05:45] Encourage sign-ups with incentives and added value. 
[09:13] Constantly test and adapt messaging to change. 
[10:19] Standard email opt-in placements, promoting on social media. 
[14:03] Lead generation ad strategy depends on performance. 
[17:01] Ask for email address upfront, add later. 
[18:32] Hannah’s Insider Tips! 

Quality Over Quantity in Email Lists 

For Hannah, building an engaged email list is more important than merely focusing on its size. She warns against treating email lists as a vanity metric, similar to social media followers. An unengaged, large list can negatively impact sender’s reputation and overall email marketing effectiveness. Instead, the focus should be on acquiring subscribers who are likely to convert and engage with the content. This ensures that list growth efforts contribute to long-term success. 

Optimising Your Website Pop-Ups for Subscriber Acquisition 

Hannah shares detailed strategies for using website pop-ups as a tool for growing email lists. Timing is important, and Hannah suggests that pop-ups should not appear immediately as they can be perceived as intrusive. Instead, set a delay or trigger the pop-up based on user behavior. This can improve the user experience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Additionally, the design and messaging of pop-ups should be continually tested and optimised to ensure they stay effective. Test different calls to action, visuals, and incentives. Ensure mobile optimisation for a seamless user experience across devices. 

Continuous Testing and Analysis 

Hannah also highlights the importance of continuous testing and analysis. This goes for all aspects of email marketing and database growth strategies. Whether it’s refining pop-up designs, experimenting with different subscriber acquisition channels, or analyzing the performance of various segments within the email list, ongoing optimisation is crucial. This approach ensures that email marketing efforts remain effective. The strategy is also one that’s responsive to changing consumer behaviors and preferences, driving better results over time. 

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