Email: How to Properly Do AB Tests for Email Marketing Success with Bridget Poston, Beeline Copy (episode 194)

by April Buencamino-dy

Bridget Poston is a conversion copywriter and email marketer helping DTC clients via her Beeline Copy agency. Where she creates human-first email marketing to keep your customers coming back and finds untapped revenue within your email list.

Bridget Poston Beeline Copy Email & SMS

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Dive in:

[03:58] Transitioned from writing to holistic email marketing.
[08:13] Brands should test campaigns multiple times.
[10:35] Regular testing until Black Friday for email marketing.
[13:50] Using first names for personalization is good, but collecting zero party data is now essential.
[19:15] Organize tests in simple spreadsheet for tracking.
[22:59] Testing subject lines and offers for flows.
[24:40] Bridget’s Insider Tips!

The Untapped Potential of Email Lists

There is significant potential within a brand’s email list for generating more revenue. Brands must explore and leverage this potential by having a comprehensive approach to email marketing. Crafting compelling email content is part of this. Strategic email management practices are another, and included here are:

  • segmenting your email list, 
  • personalizing messages, 
  • and continuously engaging subscribers.

Brands should reassess their strategies to identify missed opportunities for nurturing leads and converting them.

The Crucial Role of AB Testing

AB testing is critical to refine and optimise email marketing campaigns. Common mistakes associated with AB testing are:

  • not conducting tests, 
  • testing only once, 
  • and testing the wrong elements at the wrong time.

Bridget advocates for a culture of continuous testing and learning. Regularly test different aspects of your emails to identify what resonates best with your audience. These aspects include subject lines, content, offers, and send times. Doing this not only improves the performance of email campaigns. It also contributes to a deeper understanding of the target audience’s preferences and behaviors.

Leveraging Zero-Party Data for Personalization

Bridget also highlights the importance of leveraging zero-party data to enhance email personalization. Use opt-in forms or pop-ups to collect specific information about subscribers. This will let brands better tailor their email content. Personalization of this level can improve engagement rates as emails become more relevant and valuable to recipients. Collect and use zero-party data to create more targeted and engaging email experiences for your subscribers.

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