Email: How to Master Deliverability and Optimise Inbox Presence with Emilia & Ali, Intuit Mailchimp (episode 197)

by April Buencamino-dy

Emilia Swiecicka & Ali Wood are email marketing experts from Intuit Mailchimp. 

Emilia Swiecicka & Ali Wood Intuit MailChimp Email & SMS

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Dive in: 

[05:24] Differentiating between delivery and deliverability is crucial. 
[07:42] Follow-up quickly with customers for engagement. 
[12:03] Setting up custom domain authentication is simple. 
[13:37] Security protocols for reducing spam and spoofing. 
[15:34] For effective email deliverability, cover these regulations now. 
[17:07] Insider Tips from Emilia and Ali! 

The Importance of a Clean and Segmented Email List 

Ali highlights the benefits of a smaller, focused email list compared to a bigger, less active one. This leads to improved segmentation and personalized messaging. These elements are vital for creating deep connections between brands and customers. Email marketing is moving towards hyper-personalization. This shift requires knowledge of the audience’s likes and actions, along with a clean list. Deleting inactive subscribers and customizing content for various segments boosts engagement. This, in turn, enhances deliverability. 

Technical Aspects of Email Deliverability 

Meeting technical standards is crucial for emails to reach the right inboxes. Emilia emphasizes the need for custom domain authentication and setting up security protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. These steps help confirm the sender’s identity, lowering the risk of emails landing in spam. While they may appear complex initially, these measures are essential. They boost the sender’s reputation with email providers. Luckily, detailed guides are making implementation simpler. 

Consistent Engagement and Respect for Subscribers 

Effective email marketing goes beyond just technical details. It’s about respecting and engaging your audience. Aim to send content that is both relevant and intriguing. Engagement boosts both deliverability and the brand-customer relationship. Companies should keep an eye on engagement levels. Then, they can tweak their approach as needed. This could mean updating content, better list segmentation, or direct subscriber engagement. Asking subscribers to choose their preferred campaigns can also enhance email marketing’s relevance and impact. 

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