Peak Season Updates: How to use Generative AI to create better content with Jon Ricketts, Writerly and EKOM (episode 170)

by April Buencamino-dy

Jon Ricketts is a serial SaaS founder with a focus on the field of artificial intelligence and business innovation, which led him to co-found Writerly – a generative AI SaaS platform you can use across your business to create content that’s on brand every time. And Writerly is the home of the brilliant eCommerce content AI system EKOM.

Jon Ricketts Writerly / EKOM Q4 Updates

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[07:15] Exciting future for generative AI despite challenges.
[10:31] Accelerating brands embrace automation, optimisation, and productivity.
[15:24] Cohort targeting and cross-selling.
[17:27] Hyper targeted content with granular messaging. 
[26:15] Advice for hesitant listeners to adopt AI.
[29:46] An AI content tool that automates team efficiency.

Jon’s AI Journey

Jon shares that over the past 18 months at Writerly, they’ve recognized the tremendous potential of generative AI in automating content creation.

Along with this, he says it’s important to highlight the significance of the human role in AI, emphasizing that people must use AI as a tool, not the other way around.

Human-AI Alignment

Jon emphasizes the importance of human involvement in AI content creation.

The user’s role is similar to that of a teacher, guiding the AI model with effective prompts to generate the desired content. This means that prompt engineering has a critical role in all of this, and Jon points out that while AI can create content, human input is crucial to achieving the desired outcomes.

Future of Generative AI

Jon envisions an exciting future in generative AI, seeing it as just the beginning. Skilled prompt engineers are increasingly sought after, indicating a rising interest in this area.

As generative AI becomes more prevalent in various tools, people will naturally acquire prompt engineering skills over time. However, Jon recognizes that people have many responsibilities. Thus, they’re striving to design AI tools that are user-friendly, eliminating the need for mastering prompt engineering.

The current challenge is to assist users in obtaining high-quality content without demanding extensive prompt engineering expertise. Despite initial difficulties, users can attain powerful results with generative AI through practice and iteration.

Starting Out Today

Jon says that now is a good time to start using generative AI for content, especially before peak seasons. Brands are already benefiting in areas like efficiency and customer reach. Even concerns about content quality can be addressed.

He suggests talking to AI companies, finding products that suit your needs, and learning from their expertise. Many AI companies are willing to help, even if you’re not yet a customer. Everyone is learning in this field, so starting conversations and exploring options is key.

Application of AI-Generated Content

For Jon, there are no limitations to the types of content that generative AI can be used for.  While there may be some setup involved to define desired outcomes, the process is relatively quick. Tools like Writerly aim to make this technology easily accessible to customers and help them achieve their goals faster.

He adds that generative AI can be applied across different departments within an organization, from human resources to sales, and even by executives for routine communications to various audiences, making it highly versatile and adaptable.

Insider Tips

If we’ve inspired someone to take their first step with AI and content – what do they need to know to give themselves the best chance of success?

Jon’s tips are:

  • Continue learning. Immerse yourself in the different online resources where you can find valuable information.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone’s learning and asking questions is part of the process.
  • Challenge information. It’s important to evaluate legitimacy in this area.

Once you’ve started of course you’ve got to ‘keep optimising’! So what’s your favourite way to improve AI and content performance?

Treat performance improvement as a valuable feature. Focus your efforts on areas where you can be a category leader and deliver maximum value to users.

If someone listening wants to learn more about AI and content is there one cheap/free resource you’d recommend?

Jon recommends podcasts because they provide new insights in marketing and eCommerce. He mentions that regardless of the guest, he looks for topics and categories he’s interested in to learn as much as he can.

Crystal ball time – what’s coming up in the next 6-12 months that we should be getting ready for in AI and content?

Jon says that those currently hesitant about adopting AI will soon realize the missed opportunities. He emphasizes that AI tools will develop rapidly, focusing on compliance, safety, and improving content quality. Generative AI sometimes receives criticism due to poor inputs, but with proper optimization and iteration, great results can be achieved quickly.

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