Storytelling: Embedding Storytelling Throughout the Customer Journey for Great Customer Experience with Ben Afia (episode 191)

by April Buencamino-dy

Ben Afia is a customer communications expert for the FTSE100. Using culture, branding, and (of course) story to improve customer experience whilst also lowering costs. With clients across many verticals including many in the retail and eCommerce space like Twinings, Morrisons, Ronseal, and Boots.

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[03:35] Ben shares his storytelling background.
[06:18] Clear briefs crucial for effective copywriting.
[10:34] Not all writers are versatile for all tasks.
[12:54] Case study of mobile network client receiving new brand strategy.
[18:54] Customer journey shapes brand perception at every touchpoint.
[19:48] A case of complex customer journey purchasing varifocal sunglasses online.
[23:02] The culture of everyone in the business bleeds into all processes and affects customer perception of the brand.
[24:12] Ben’s Insider Tips!

Embedding Storytelling in Company Culture

Integrating storytelling into the entire company culture, not just the marketing department, is important. Ben says that every customer interaction tells a story about the brand. Companies should ensure that this story is consistent and aligns with their brand values across all touchpoints. This consistency helps in building trust and credibility with customers. It’s not enough for the marketing materials to tell a compelling story; the narrative needs to be echoed in every aspect of the business. This covers the way employees communicate to the customer experience on digital platforms.

Selecting the Right Copywriters

Choosing the right writers for different aspects of the brand is also crucial. Ben says that not all writers can write for all brands or products effectively. The tone, style, and understanding of the brand values are critical. Marketers should focus on finding writers who can resonate with the brand’s voice and convey its message to the target audience. Matching the writer’s skills and style with the brand’s needs is fundamental in creating authentic and engaging content.

The Role of Effective Briefing in Creative Work

Ben also highlights the importance of effective briefing in creative work. He points out that many marketers have not been trained in how to brief agencies or writers properly. A detailed and well-thought-out brief is essential to guide writers and creative teams in producing work that aligns with the brand’s objectives and resonates with its audience. The brief should include clear objectives, brand values, personality traits, and the context of the project. Good briefing not only helps in achieving better outcomes. It also saves time and resources by reducing the need for revisions and ensuring that the creative work aligns with the brand’s goals from the outset.

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