Digital Advertising: Reddit Advertising 101 – What are the different ad formats and targeting options? With Izzy Morris (episode 166)

by April Buencamino-dy

Izzy Morris has been running paid social for a wide range of consumer facing brands for nearly a decade, both in-house and agency side. She’s now Head of Paid Social at Vodafone.

Izzy Morris Vodafone Digital Advertising

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What is Reddit?

Reddit is a user-generated platform Izzy that calls a “community of communities.” It has over 100,000 communities of real people sharing their passions and interests. Unlike other platforms, Reddit doesn’t have influencers, making discussions and recommendations more genuine.

Subreddits are specific areas where people engage in conversations about particular topics of interest. Whether it’s reality TV or reviewing fridges, Reddit offers a diverse range of communities where people with similar interests can connect and share their experiences.

How Reddit Ads Work

Reddit offers different types of ads, including takeovers and self-service ads. Takeovers are expensive and typically used by big brands. Front-page takeovers place an ad on the platform’s main page. Category takeovers target specific topic categories.

Self-service ads are more common and allow advertisers to serve ads within the feed, even in particular subreddits. This method is cost-effective and allows for precise targeting of niche audiences. Also, this type of ad can be managed online without needing to deal with anyone in between. Izzy says the results of self-service ads are often favorable and more affordable than expected.

Self-Service Reddit Ads

Self-service Reddit ads offer three main ad formats: video, static images, and text. These ads seamlessly blend into the feed as you scroll through subreddits, appearing organic and non-disruptive. Targeting options include broad interests and niche communities. While targeting specific groups can be effective, it may limit reach and increase costs.

Reddit’s targeting is comparable to other social media platforms, making it easy to understand and use. The buying method and targeting options are straightforward, so users familiar with other social media ad platforms won’t face a steep learning curve. Overall, Reddit’s self-service ads provide a user-friendly way to reach specific audiences and engage with the platform’s engaged community.

Reddit Advertising Tips

Izzy suggests doing a one-week test on Reddit ads to gather valuable insights about what works. While a week might not be enough to optimize, it can provide learnings about effective creative and targeting.

The flexibility of Reddit’s self-service ads allows for testing and adjustment based on results. Testing different ad formats like static images and videos is recommended, and creative quality plays a significant role in ad success.

By preparing and testing, advertisers can effectively use Reddit ads to achieve their marketing goals.

More Reasons to Advertise on Reddit

Reddit ads can provide good results for e-commerce brands, especially when using a multi-touch marketing method (MMM) to measure performance. While last-click models may not show Reddit’s full impact, MMM reveals it performs well within the top half of platforms.

Reddit offers unique reach, as a significant portion of Redditors aren’t on other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or TikTok. Including Reddit in media plans helps reach new audiences and avoid duplication. Overall, Reddit is worth testing and can be a valuable addition to advertising strategies.

Insider Tips

If we’ve inspired someone to take their first step with digital advertising – what do they need to know to give themselves the best chance of success?

Get organized by using platforms like Notion for digital note-taking and organization.

Once you’ve started of course you’ve got to ‘keep optimising’! So what’s your favourite way to improve digital advertising performance?

Focus on creative testing by experimenting with various elements, and make sure to keep track of your results so you can optimize effectively.

If someone listening wants to learn more about digital advertising is there one cheap/free resource you’d recommend?

Talking about Meta advertising, Izzy says the best free resource for learning is Meta Blueprint

Crystal ball time – what’s coming up in the next 6-12 months that we should be getting ready for in digital advertising?

Prepare for Threads advertising. It’s a new Meta product, and while nothing’s been formally announced, it’s good to prepare for it.

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