eCommerce Conference April 2021 Panel Session

New Customer Acquisition vs Customer Retention: Which should be your number 1 focus to guarantee a great 2021?

Connect with our panelists:

  • Becky Hopkin – Google Ads and Facebook Ads – Book a Free Consultation here
  • Luke Carthy – CRO and SEO – Book a Free Discovery Call here
  • Matt Edmundson – eCommerce Startup Coach – Find out more about Matt’s courses here
  • Chloe Thomas – host of the eCommerce MasterPlan and Keep Optimising podcasts here

Key takeaways:

  • The audience were 51.7% for Acquisition and 48.35 for Retention
  • The panellists were on the same 50:50 split
  • Our tips for Retention:
    • Email marketing, it’s low cost, enables great connection, and awesome ROI – but do segment
    • PPC remarketing – even if you don’t yet have the number to do it – get those pixels installed so you’re collecting data for later. And if you do have the data and have it live – now’s the time to get segmenting.
    • Sell a great product with a great delivery experience – that’s where the second purchase starts.
  • Our tips for Acquisition:
    • Save marketing costs by giving customers who are looking for a voucher code alternatives to your affiliates (voucher code sites). Tips – set up a voucher code page, add a code to the checkout(!), bid on “brand name voucher code” with a Google Ad that includes a code.
    • PPC!!! Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads (if you’re not sure where to start click the link to have a chat with Becky above)
    • Go soft – help the customer, invest in content, help them on twitter and so forth.

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