Omnichannel: Connected Commerce Strategies for Better Customer Journeys with Benjamin Lang, Shopify (episode 205)

by April Buencamino-dy

Benjamin Lang is the Head of Northern Europe and Dach at Shopify. Helping Shopify partners throughout these regions and beyond to help the retailers they work with build successful commerce strategies. 

Omnichannel: Connected Commerce Strategies for Better Customer Journeys with Benjamin Lang, Shopify

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[05:46] 54% browse online, maximize impact with both. 
[07:07] Technology affects physical retail experience, now crucial. 
[13:29] Key elements: tech stack, informed decisions, leveraging partners. 
[16:50] Partners play critical roles in business success. 
[19:35] Speed to market varies based on tech stack; for Shopify, it’s quicker. 
[23:16] Insider Tips from Ben! 

Transition from Omnichannel to Connected Commerce 

Unified commerce is transforming traditional omnichannel strategies. It integrates customer touchpoints into one cohesive system. This ensures consistent, real-time updates across product information, inventory, and pricing. An integrated system reduces errors and inconsistencies, thereby improving customer experience. It also streamlines backend operations. This means businesses are better able to manage and adapt to the fast-changing eCommerce landscape. As competition increases, firms that offer a cohesive shopping experience will likely be more successful. 

Enhancing Customer Experience with Data Integration 

Unified commerce enhances the customer experience by integrating data across all sales channels. This lets businesses offer personalized and responsive interactions with customers. An example of personalization would be receiving tailored offers based on shopping behavior. Responsive interaction can mean being able to check product availability in nearby stores. Personalized and responsive activities meet consumer expectations and boost loyalty, conversion rates, and repeat business. 

Importance of Agile and Scalable Tech Infrastructure 

Businesses have to invest in agile and scalable tech to implement a unified commerce strategy. Platforms like Shopify enable rapid adaptation to market trends and consumer demands without significant downtime. This flexibility is crucial for staying competitive in a fast-paced market. Such platforms also support swift testing and iteration. This allows businesses to test new features and channels. Doing so offers the opportunity to respond to changing consumer behavior and market conditions. 

Listen to hear Ben’s Insider Tips on omnichannel!  

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