Advertising: Why Podcast Ads Are Your New Secret Weapon to Increase Sales with Tom Webster, Sounds Profitable (episode 209)

by April Buencamino-dy

Tom Webster is a partner at Sounds Profitable, the leading voice of significance for the digital audio industry, devoted to growing the podcast sector through audio insights, education, and connections. They produce the must-consume research on podcast advertising and are probably the only newsletter I read religiously. 

Advertising: Why Podcast Ads Are Your New Secret Weapon to Increase Sales with Tom Webster, Sounds Profitable

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[03:10] 30-year media research career transitioned to podcasting. 
[07:09] Podcasting offers targeted reach and audience engagement. 
[12:10] Podcast advertising offers incredible opportunities for brands. 
[13:55] Podcasting advertising: test, tiers, and programmatic market. 
[19:01] Content matches sensibility, tone, mood for audience. 
[20:40] Insider Tips from Tom! 

Podcast Listeners are Prime Targets for eCommerce Brands 

Podcast listeners are highly engaged and attentive. They typically give the podcast their full attention when listening. This makes them more receptive to advertising messages. Additionally, podcast listeners tend to have higher incomes and are less exposed to ads on other channels. The combination makes them a good target audience for eCommerce brands. This is what also makes podcasts an effective platform for advertising. 

Targeting and Demographics 

Podcasts offer a unique opportunity to reach affluent audiences who are often hard to target with other advertising methods. This makes them a valuable demographic for brands. Podcasts are also intimate by nature, and listeners usually form strong connections with the host. By leveraging this, ads can have a significant impact on listeners. This can lead to higher conversion rates and better ROI. 

Tailor Your Ads for the Podcast Environment 

For the most impact, podcast ads should be conversational. They should also be seamlessly integrated into the podcast’s tone. Host-read ads are particularly effective as they leverage the host’s established trust with his audience.  Fortunately, measuring ad performance has become easier with tools like attribution pixels and brand lift studies. These tools provide valuable insights for refining strategies. This combination of creative execution and data-driven tracking ensures that podcast advertising can be both impactful and accountable. 

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