Offline Marketing: How to Buy Cold Data and Maximise ROI with Nicky Lomax (episode 211)

by April Buencamino-dy

Nicky Lomax is an expert buyer of Offline Media – spending 10 years at marketing and data agency more2, including leading the Media and Acquisition Data Planning team driving offline acquisition strategy for BIG retail brands like Loaf, Charles Tyrwhitt, Book People, Joules, Sweaty Betty, and hush!! Nicky and her team regularly bought over 15 million names, and over 30 million inserts a year! She now works brand side most recently running CRM projects at This Works and Ted Baker. 

Offline Marketing: How to Scale Your Offline Marketing & Maximise ROI with Nicky Lomax

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Dive in: 

[05:27] Negotiating media buying rates for traditional media. 
[08:10] Buying into specific postal sectors for marketing. 
[11:25] Propensity modeling and ranking postal regions. 
[14:08] Offline marketing has time lag; online is instant. 
[18:17] Consider various model selections for better results. 
[23:07] Start with substantial investment, consider expert advice. 
[28:27] Insider Tips from Nicky! 

The Importance of Negotiation in Offline Media Buying 

Offline media buying offers a key advantage over online: direct negotiation with media owners.  Unlike online platforms with fixed ad prices, offline channels let you negotiate rates. This can potentially lead to cost savings and better deals.  Building strong relationships with media owners goes beyond negotiating rates. It ensures you’re top-of-mind when last-minute ad opportunities emerge.  Data is your power tool.  Be prepared when doing negotiations. Facts such as a publication’s declining circulation, can be used when negotiating. 

Testing and Optimization are Crucial 

Offline marketing thrives on continuous testing and optimization, even though it lacks the instant feedback of online channels. While results might not be immediately apparent, valuable data is still collected to refine future campaigns.  Here’s how to make the most of it: 

  • Plan to test from the start. Begin with small-scale tests to compare different approaches before a larger rollout. 
  • Data is your guide. Use the information you gather to make informed decisions and continuously improve your strategies. This data-driven approach minimizes risks and maximizes the impact of your marketing efforts. 
  • Focus on the long game. Don’t get discouraged by the lack of immediate results. The data you collect now is invaluable for future campaigns. 
  • Measure across multiple metrics. Track response rates, conversion rates, and ROI to understand what’s working. Use these insights to adjust your strategies for continuous improvement. 

Leveraging Demographic Data for Targeted Campaigns 

Demographics are your secret weapon for offline marketing. Knowing your ideal customer’s age, location, and interests allows for focused campaigns. Invest in data and profiling tools to identify high-potential areas and tailor messages to resonate with each audience segment. This targeted approach ensures your marketing reaches the most receptive people, boosting response rates and ROI. 

Listen to hear Nicky’s Insider Tips on offline marketing! 

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