Advertising: How to Balance Your Ad Channels for Maximum ROI with Wesley Hartley, Leaf (episode 210)

by April Buencamino-dy

Wesley Hartley is the Chief Revenue Officer at Leaf. Where he (and the rest of the Leaf team) are specialists in driving superior digital performance for DTC brands from ad click-through to purchase. 

Advertising: How to Balance Your Ad Channels for Maximum ROI with Wesley Hartley, Leaf

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[05:23] Data smart brands win in evolving industry. 
[07:57] Brands struggle, need to understand profitability. 
[10:37] Maximizing margins requires dynamic budget and structure. 
[15:50] Understanding data attribution in a changing world. 
[19:08] Google Consent Mode v 2 affects retargeting heavily. 
[22:09] Control budget, creatives, and product collections effectively. 
[25:11] Insider Tips from Wesley! 

Technology and Data Science are Crucial for Modern Ad Agencies 

The future of advertising agencies hinges on their ability to adapt and become data-driven enterprises. The growing importance and complexity of data in advertising are forcing agencies to adapt. The more data-driven the advertising industry gets, the more important it becomes to understand and use large amounts of data. While traditional creative skills remain valuable, agencies must also integrate technology solutions to optimise media spend and campaign performance. By embracing data science, agencies gain powerful tools for more precise audience targeting, efficient creative testing, and deeper audience insights 

Balancing Budgets & Metrics for Profitability 

Great creativity is key for everyone because it fuels the algorithms that deliver your ads. But for D2C brands focused on profit, there’s a balancing act. It would be best if you managed budgets wisely across different advertising channels. Plus, you have to consider both immediate results and long-term success. Wesley highlights the importance of understanding your overall business goals, profitability, and how much each unit sold costs to build winning ad strategies. He also suggests using metrics like TACOS and lifetime value to guide spending and ensure your ads are profitable.  Be careful not to give all the credit to one channel because modern tracking can show how different channels work together for long-term success. 

Beyond the Numbers Game 

Many factors influence your ads’ performance, so relying on just one number won’t tell the whole story. Use flexible tools to analyze your data constantly. Aside from that, keep track of conversions accurately and follow data privacy rules to make sure your ad spend pays off. Organize your ad accounts by things like advertising channels, product groups, what you want to achieve with your campaign, and the type of ad you’re using. This way, you can manage your budget better and make decisions based on solid data. Wesley believes the best approach is to look at everything, not just one piece of information. By making sure your data is reliable and using clear insights, you can get the most out of your advertising. 

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