Advertising: Elevating & Optimising Your Meta Ads Campaigns for Success with Jon Loomer (episode 207)

by April Buencamino-dy

Jon Loomer’s been helping marketers and entrepreneurs reach their business goals through advanced Facebook marketing strategies since 2011! And he’s (in my opinion) a must-follow if you want to know what’s working right now on Facebook Ads. 

Advertising: Elevating & Optimising Your Meta Ads Campaigns for Success with Jon Loomer

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Dive in: 

[07:10] New advertisers have it easier now. 
[12:33] Expensive marketing shifts focus, avoiding treating customers statically. 
[15:40] Pixel code tracks website events for analysis. 
[16:36] API sends more complete first-party data. 
[21:58] Advanced machine learning AI automates streamlined campaigns. 
[23:04] Advantage Plus Shopping encourages more creative control. 
[24:30] Insider Tips from Jon! 

From Targeting Pro to Creative Storyteller 

Jon explains that there’s been a major change in Facebook ads. Before, success depended on technical skills in targeting. Advertisers could get good results by segmenting audiences and using various targeting methods. Now, Facebook ads are more automated, with the algorithm playing a bigger role in finding the target audience. This means advertisers must focus more on creating compelling creatives and stories that resonate with their audience. The emphasis is now on messaging, creative content, and storytelling. 

Simplifying Ad Campaign Management with Automation 

Jon highlights the importance of using Meta’s automation tools. In particular, he mentions Advantage Plus Shopping campaigns. These tools simplify ad campaign management by reducing the complexity of setting up and optimising campaigns. Modern ad platforms rely on advanced algorithms to optimise targeting and delivery. This allows marketers to focus more on creating compelling content rather than on the technical details of campaign setup. Automation also offers scalability, helping campaigns quickly adapt to changing market conditions and consumer behaviors. 

Data Drives Performance 

Jon stresses the importance of using Facebook Pixel and Conversion API to track website events and send data back to Facebook. This data helps Facebook understand user actions after seeing ads, optimising future ad delivery. The Conversion API is especially crucial as it’s less affected by cookie blocking. This ensures more reliable data collection. Marketers must set these tools up correctly to leverage the data, allowing for precise attribution and informed decisions that enhance campaign performance. Proper data integration also supports better audience segmentation and personalization, leading to more relevant and effective marketing efforts. 

Listen to hear Jon’s Insider Tips on advertising! 

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