Advertising: Must-Know Google Ads Updates & Winning Strategies in 2024 with Becky Hopkin and Jonny Hyams, Digital Gearbox (episode 208)

by April Buencamino-dy

Becky Hopkin and Jonny Hyams have both been on the show before – and we get them both this time! Our favourite Google Ads experts from advertising agency Digital Gearbox. 

Advertising: Must-Know Google Ads Updates & Winning Strategies in 2024 with Becky Hopkin and Jonny Hyams, Digital Gearbox

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Dive in: 

[04:56] Google can use AI to track user data. 
[09:36] Google AI chat box creates ad content. 
[10:49] Search ads now have single shorter headlines. 
[14:29] AI, smart bidding crucial for best results. 
[17:42] Tip for using Performance Max. 
[22:30] Insider Tips from Becky and Jonny! 

What’s New in Google Ads 

New features and updates to Google Ads include: 

  • Consent Mode: This is required for European advertising (EEA) and impacts how user data is tracked and used in ad campaigns. Advertisers need to implement consent mode to comply with regulations. 
  • Demand Gen Campaigns (previously Discovery Ads): This allows including short-form videos, carousels, and various image sizes in your ads. It can be useful for remarketing with audiences you’ve built using Meta Ads. 
  • Conversational experience: This AI chatbot helps create campaigns by suggesting keywords and ad copy based on your input. It’s a new feature and may not be perfect yet, but it can be a helpful starting point. 
  • Single Headline Ads: Google Ads are now showing only one headline with a 30-character limit, requiring a shift in how you write ad copy. 
  • Performance Max for Marketplaces: This allows advertising product listings directly from Amazon (for now) within Performance Max campaigns. This is a new opportunity to reach more people but there are also potential drawbacks, like increased competition and users clicking through to Amazon instead of your website. 
  • Testing new ad formats: Google is testing new ad formats that look more like shopping ads, with text displayed in rectangular cards side by side. 

What’s Working at the Moment 

Becky and Jonny also discuss what’s working well in Google Ads right now. Here are the key takeaways: 

  • Smart Bidding: Leverage AI with Smart Bidding to optimize your campaigns and account for Google’s increasingly loose keyword matching. 
  • Simpler Campaign Structures: Move away from overly segmented campaigns and consolidate them to give the AI more data to work with for optimization. 
  • Performance Max Campaigns (with limitations): Utilize Performance Max campaigns, but consider using them alongside standard shopping campaigns (with different products in each) or exclude brand terms from Performance Max to maintain some control over spending. There’s also a script by Mike Rhodes to help you see how Google spends your money within Performance Max

What’s Still Working Well 

Exact match keywords – still. Don’t abandon exact match keywords despite Google’s push for broad match. They can be useful for better return on ad spend, while broad matches can be good for traffic volume. A balanced approach, using both broad and exact match keywords strategically, can maximize both traffic and efficiency. Test both and see what works best for your goals. 

Listen to hear Becky and Jonny’s Insider Tips on advertising! 

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