Chloe’s eCommerce Club – Apply to Join Today

What is Chloe’s eCommerce Club?

  • It’s an online community, sitting on its own platform (no Facebook groups here).
  • Where you’re going to be able to get your eCommerce problems solved – by me, and by the rest of the community
  • It will be the hub of all things we do – so expect lots of experts popping by to help you, insights from Chloe that she won’t be sharing anywhere else, exclusive training sessions and more.
  • It’s free to join!

Why should you join?

  • Once live it will be the only place you can get Chloe’s one on one advice for your business.
  • It’s hard to grow a business alone – the help of the other club members is going to be invaluable.
  • We’re building the club based on what its members want – so… if the sooner you join the sooner you can help us build it to suit you. 

Why are we building this? It’s free – so what’s in it for us?

  • I feel a little distant from all of you. 
    Most of what we do is broadcasting, with little opportunity for 2-way conversation – so my vision for the community is that it will become the place we can all come together, and help you all more.
  • If we’re all better connected I’m hoping you’ll listen to more podcast episodes, which will make me and the sponsors happier – and mean I can increase sponsorship prices.
  • As it grows we will probably bring on some sponsors to cover the cost of running the Club.
  • Fundamentally (and I’ve been thinking about this for over a year now) it’s the missing part of our business – and so many of the things I want to do to help you all will be easier and better with the community. 

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