Offline Marketing: How to Maximise Catalogue Impact for Higher Conversions with Anna Wilson, Go Direct Marketing (episode 212)

by April Buencamino-dy

Anna Wilson has over 21 years of experience optimising retention and acquisition strategies for growth for mail-order retailers. Working both agency AND client side she has a wealth of experience to share gathered whilst working for brands like Orvis, Boden, The White Company, Able & Cole, Glasses Direct, and many more. She’s now a senior member at Go Direct Marketing where they manage 100s of catalogue mailing campaigns a year. 

Offline Marketing: How to Maximise Catalogue Impact for Higher Conversions with Anna Wilson, Go Direct Marketing

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Dive in: 

[07:02] Maintain brand consistency across social media platforms. 
[09:56] Consider email and mail for catalogue distribution. 
[13:33] Encourage catalogue use, seize warm customer interest. 
[16:20] Consistent website and catalogue branding is crucial. 
[19:51] Consider retail partnerships, online presence, and consistency. 
[22:40] Insider Tips from Anna! 

Integration of Online and Offline Marketing Strategies 

Catalogues become even more powerful when combined with online marketing. The key is making it easy for customers to find your website and ensuring a consistent brand experience across all channels. Anna emphasizes this seamless connection. Here’s how to achieve it: 

  • SEO: Optimise your website and online ads to appear when people search for your brand or the products in the catalogue. This makes it easy for customers to find you online after seeing something they like in print. 
  • Social media: Maintain a consistent brand look and feel across your social media platforms. Feature catalogue products in your social media content. 

This unified approach creates a smooth experience for customers no matter how they interact with your brand. It reinforces the message of the catalogue and helps drive traffic and sales. 

The Synergy Between Catalogues and Email Marketing 

Sending emails around the same time your catalogues go out can boost sales and get more people interested.  Anna says email marketing is a powerful tool to support your catalogue campaigns. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Time your emails right. Send a promotional email when the catalogue arrives, then follow up with a few more emails while the catalogue is still relevant. 
  • Highlight key products and offers. These emails should showcase the exciting things in the catalogue, remind customers about special deals, and encourage them to take action. 

By keeping your catalogue fresh in customers’ minds, you’ll drive more traffic to your website and boost sales.  This teamwork between catalogues and emails helps both channels reach their full potential. 

Leveraging Customer Service and Website Alignment 

To help customers find what they’re looking for in your catalogue, make sure your website and customer service team are on the same page. Here’s how: 

  • Train your customer service team. Give them the info they need about the catalogue, so they can answer questions and help customers find what they want. 
  • Match your website to the catalogue. Use similar styles and show the same products on your website’s homepage and product pages as you do in the catalogue. This makes it easy for people to jump from the catalogue to your website and find exactly what they’re looking for. 

By working together, your catalogue, website, and customer service team can create a smooth shopping experience that reduces confusion and leads to more sales. 

Listen to hear Anna’s Insider Tips on offline marketing! 

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