Black Friday 2021 – 7 eCommerce Experts Share their Top Tips for Success (episode 066)

by April Buencamino-dy

In this episode we have everything you need to know to make this year’s Black Friday super successful for your business.

Our 7 eCommerce experts share powerful advice that’s going to help you make 2021 end on a high for your business.

Our experts include:

  • Lucy Bloomfield from 10,000 Customers
  • Matt Edmundson of the eCommerce Podcast
  • Chase Clymer of the Honest eCommerce Podcast
  • Becky Hopkin from Digital Gearbox
  • Jessica Totillo-Coster of the eCommerce Badassery Podcast
  • Jon Tucker from HelpFlow
  • AND our very own, Chloë Thomas

Expect to listen to this episode at least twice!

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Here’s the notes on our experts tips:

Lucy Bloomfield, CEO — 10,000 Customers

Lucy Bloomfield of 10,000 Customers says that the main thing about Black Friday is the profit you get out of it.

  • Volume doesn’t necessarily equate to profit.
  • Information is valuable, so use information products to add value to your main product.
  • Think of how you can increase the perceived value of your products without additional costs.

Hear all of Lucy’s advice when you listen to the full episode.

Matt Edmundson, Host — eCommerce Podcast

If you’re thinking hard about what to do for BFCM, Matt Edmundson of the eCommerce Podcast talks about the opposite — not doing anything different but still getting the results.

  • Businesses can remain profitable even if they don’t do anything major.
  • Consider not doing anything for Black Friday and ponder on what could happen if you didn’t.

Listen now to hear more of what Matt has to say.

Chase Clymer, Host — Honest eCommerce Podcast

Honest eCommerce Podcast host Chase Clymer says communication is key to a successful Black Friday.

  • Keep your promotions and offers simple.
  • Be clear about what your offers are and communicate them in a straightforward manner.

Get all the details on Chase’s tip by tuning in.

Becky Hopkin, Managing Director — Digital Gearbox

Becky Hopkin of Digital Gearbox and a member of the eCommerce MasterPlan Crew shares how businesses should approach advertising for Black Friday.

  • Build your audience starting today.
  • Take advantage of display advertising, especially since you’re not restricted by your customer’s preferred social channels.

More details on this when you listen to the full episode.

Jessica Totillo Coster, Host — eCommerce Badassery Podcast

Email marketing continues to be a great strategy and Jessica Totillo Coster, eCommerce Badassery Podcast host and also a member of the eCommerce MasterPlan Crew, gives valuable tips on how to make your emails work for you.

  • Make sure you have a solid email marketing strategy.
  • With iOS 15 being released this Q4, prepare for it by testing your emails as early as you can.
  • Start collecting first-party data.
  • Focus on frequency and resends.

Hear all of Jessica’s email tips by listening now.

Chloë Thomas, author and podcast host — eCommerce MasterPlan

Our podcast host Chloë says focusing on profit and thinking clearly on how Black Friday impacts this will help businesses win.

She gives questions that will guide brands in determining the best course to take for BFCM, taking into account her Golden Promotional Rule of getting the customer to do what you want as cheaply as possible.

Hear all of the tips in full by listening to the whole episode for free – just scroll up and hit the play button!

Jon Tucker, Founder and CEO — HelpFlow

Jon Tucker of HelpFlow guides us on how to take care of abandoned carts — even before they happen.

  • Look at the data showing patterns of customers who end up abandoning their carts.
  • Have the right mix of recovery emails and SMS.
  • Draw your customers back in by sparking a conversation through your SMS and emails.

For more of Jon’s advice, tune in to the full episode.

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